Live Connection and Remote Maintenance-Repair Application with Mixed Reality

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High Security, High Performance!

With Work​​A​​R​ia , you can protect your data by making end-to-end connections

Solve the problem quickly with low-latency communication

Connect without a VPN even in countries with internet restrictions

Create your connection on either Cloud or local servers.

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Mobil Device


Start a call anytime, anywhere with Work A R ia, which integrates seamlessly w​ith mobile devices!

What We Offer

Work A R ia increased its productivity by 40% and saved $13,680 per field worker per year by reducing rework by 75%.
Work A Ria reduced annual travel and breakdown costs by $31,500 for one employee and $2,950 for field workers.
Work A R ia increased expert productivity by 30% and saved $58,512 in annual labor costs per expert by preventing 75% of extensive travels.

Digital Scaling and Measurement

Perform your precise measurements hands-free without the need for any tools or equipment.

Instant Document Sharing

With Workaria, you can send real-time documents, PDFs, and photos to the person in the field instantly.

Area Scanning and Surface Detection

During live connection, environment data of the personnel in the field is automatically processed into the area seen by the technical personnel.